Bangkok Seashell Museum

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Bangkok Seashell Museum, Bangkok Seashell Museum, © 2016

Bangkok Seashell Museum

All shells in this museum have been collected on the beaches of Bangkok! Hey, wait, there are no beaches in Bangkok? What is a Seashell Museum doing here? Yes, it may look a bit wacky to come across this nice museum in Bangkok. But even for visitors, that usually are not very keen on shells or collect them, this place is still worth visiting! This truely huge collection of breathtaking shells has been put on display in an intelligent way. The exhibition is showing and explaining how shells are just more than a beautiful objects... or something to look forward to for dinner.


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The museum puts over 3,000 specimen from more than 600 different species on display. As you would imagine, every colour is represented and the large variety of patterns is mind-blowing. Nature is indeed more creative than any human can ever be. Shells can have surprising features, some of them are among the most deadly living creatures on earth with poisonous darts that can kill even a human. Shells have been part of human history since the beginning of time serving important duties like e.g. currency.


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The exhibition covers three floors and all specimen are well annotated in both English and Thai. Plenty of illustrations and diagrams make the visit interesting and informative without ever being boring. The Bangkok Seashell is a interesting place to visit. Not only for seashell collectors, not only on a rainy day, this museum is entertaining and enjoyable for everyboday at any day!



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