Human Imagery Museum

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Human Imagery Museum

The idea for this museum came Artist Duangkaew Phityakornsilp, when he saw one of his guests in his home pick up and bite a wax apple. But creating the figures as we can see them today posed a number of challenges. Thailand's hot climate fobids the use of ordinary wax as the main material for the figures. A group of artists worked hard and came up with fiberglass to bring life to the figures - sculpted starting with the skin texture and complexion with life-like blemishes up to the implantation of indivedual hair strands. Most interesting also the eyes with their perpetual look. The Museum was opened on June 14th, 1989 by His Holiness the Supreme Patriarch of Thailand, Somdeeh Phra Yanasangvara.


Bangkokmuseums Human Imagery Museum Hallo Of Kings



The museum spreads over two floors. On the ground floor you will find various famous Monks placed in beautiful settings as well as the Hall of Kings. Although it is only figures you can still feel a touch of royal nobility while looking at this collection of eight former Monarchs of the Chakri Dynasty in their most impressive setup. The second floor continuous to amaze you with more scenes of Thai life and history as well as figures of western celebrities such as Ghandi, Lincoln or Churchill. You will get goosebumps by watching the setup of King Rama V and the abolition of slavery. The Thai Human Imagery Museum will amaze you with its countless realistic figures.


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The Human Imagery Museum wants to achieve three main targets, which are to promote the awareness of Thai culture including its arts and traditions, to support the study and subsequently development of sculptures in Thailand and to help Thai students become more aware of Thai history in the comfort of an appealing surrounding. It is a fantastic exhibition to visit for both Thai as well as foreign visitors.


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