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Bangkok is known for many different reasons including its amazing temples, rich culinary variety, vibrant entertainment scene, notorious traffic problems and sharp contrasts throughout the city. But Bangkok's museums are just as amazing as the city itself! The many museums showcase almost everything imaginable, strange things, beautiful things, ancient, odd, funny, scary and lovely things. The variety of topics, collections and exhibits is breathtaking. Explore ancient Thailand and its history, or have a glimpse at modern Thailand with its artists and future visons. The variety of topics and museums is so big that there will be a museum for everybody and every interest. Museums like the Suan Pakkad Palace Museum or Jim Thompson House show some outstanding Thai architecture and provide a view back in time, while for example the Museum of Siam is a great place for the entire family, as their "touch everything" policy and highly interactive displays are great for kids and adults alike.

Our website aims to give you a short insight into Bangkok's Museums. Where to go, how to get there, what to see. This way you can easily decide what museum you would like to visit and which is not to your taste. We try to keep the information up to date but if you find something not to be correct anymore we would appreciate a small update from you!

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