Jesada Technik Museum

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Jesada Technik Museum Jesada Technik Museum © 2016

Jesada Technik Museum

The Jesada Technik Museum was founded by the Thai businessman Jesada Dejsakulrit in 2007 and is by far the biggest (and some say also best) classic car museum in Thailand. Mr.Jesada had long been captivated by everything that came with wheels, propellers, wings or rudders. His passion for automobiles and their history made him collect more than 500 vehicles, of which most are in an astonishing good condition. All these were brought together in less than two decades as he started collecting in 1997 only.


Jesada Technik Museum Naphon Pathom



Where other museums feature mostly rare or expensive cars Jesada Technik Museum primarily focuses on vehicles people used on a daily basis, and here fun and exotic models in particular. Upon entering the largest hall you will be greeted by three-wheelers and real mini cars from the 50s and 60s of the last century. Did you know that the BMW Isetta had only one door for its passengers? Yes, just one, and that was on the front, not on the side! This and many more fun and astonishing facts can be learned by visiting this fun place.


Jesada Technik Museum Nakhon Pathom



There is so much to see... Planes, Double Decker Buses, ancient motorbikes, amphibious vehicles half car halb boat, old style Taxis from the UK and USA, French cult vehicle Citroen 2CV, penny-farthing bicycles and even a well preserved Delorean we all know from the Back-to-the-Future movies. And if you like it one size bigger you can always go and check out the Steam-Railway Engines located just a stonethrow away from the museum itself. As space at the museum is limited, these engines are located outside to the left on their own yard.


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