Jim Thompson House

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Jim Thompson House Jim Thompson House © 2016

Jim Thompson House

The Jim Thompson House used to be the home of James H.W. Thompson, an American entrepreneur who was the founder of the beyond the borders of Thailand renowned Jim Thompson Thai Silk Company. Thompson's achievements during his 25 year stay in Thailand have won him the hearts of the people and much fame. In 1967, Jim Thompson went with friends on a holiday to the Cameron Highlands in Malaysia. One day he left for a walk in the surrounding jungle but never returned. Until today the mysterious disappearance of Jim Thompson remains unexplained.


Jim Thompson House Bangkok Spinning Silk



The jungly compound consists of a complex of six houses in traditional Thai-style. These teak structures were purchased from several owners and brought to the present location from Thailands former Capital Ayutthaya and other parts of Thailand. Construction of the Thai house as it is today was completed in 1959. Your tour through the house, guided by a mandatory guide, will lead you through the entry hall upstairs to the dining room, kitchen (the former museum shop and therefore the only place in the house with a refreshing airconditioner...) living room while going on to Jim Thompsons study and bedroom. Along the way your will see countless Asian objets d’art and century old Buddha statues.


Jim Thompson House Bangkok Guided Tour



After the tour you are free to roam the garden and the smaller Teak houses with their collections in it. Taking photographs inside the main house is not allowed. Jim Thompson and his name are closely tied to Thai Silk so it is no surprise to find a well equipped shop with all things silk on your way out. There is also a cafe and Banquet Hall beside the Koi pond facing the Sean Seab Canal which invites for a cup of tea or a small snack. The Banquet Hall can be rented for your formal or casual functions. Surprisingly quiet hours in this beautiful oasis are waiting for you here in the heart of busy Bangkok.


Jim Thompson House Bangkok Collection



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