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Naval Museum

Welcome aboard! The Naval Museum is located just a few Kilometer down Sukhumvit Road after passing the Bangna Intersection in close proximity to the Erawan Museum. As the name already suggest, the Naval Museum is where you'll find an interesting collection of Navy exhibits inlcuding weapons and firearms that have been used in the Navy since the early Rattanakosin period. One of the Highlights welcomes you already right in front of the entrance: the H.T.M.S Machanu, Thailands first Submarine. Well, at least its tower with a mighty cannon.


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Many exhibits including old weaponry, photos, models of ships and other naval accessories are on display. Of course a good collection of the famous Royal Barges cannot be missed. You can get up close and personal, even touching is no problem as long as they are not kept behind glass. Ever wanted to stick your head into the top of Thailands first Lighthouse? No problem, on you go and let your imagination travel as far as the light went out to sea! Torpedos, Cannons, Engines, all here waiting for you to discover them! Another highlight is for sure the fully assembled Sea Plane outside on the lawn. What a beauty!


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It might not be the biggest mueseum but the exhibits are truely unique! All sailors and seamen, no matter of what age, will have a great time here. Explanations and everything else in the Museum is - unfortunately - in Thai only. But this shall not keep you from exploring the great hiostory of the Royal Thai Navy, its brave men and honorable battles! Ahoy, all hands on deck! And if you want even more Navy, why not sign up? The Royal Thai Navy Academy is just on the other side of the Street...


See next windows for Museum details like entrance fee, opening times or how to get there and many more photos!


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