Rock and Mineral Museum

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Rock and Mineral Museum

The Rock and Mineral Museum is located on the ground floor of the Emerald Building next to the Department of Mineral Resources on Rama 6 Road. It is attached to the Bureau of Geological Survey of the Department of Mineral Resources. Established in 1948, it exhibits minerals, rocks, fossils, products made from minerals and oil as well as tools made from rocks and is divided into 8 zones, which are: story of the museum, history of geology, mineral recourses, rocks and ground water, mineral fuels, evolution of life, Thailand geology and applied geology.


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Even if Geology does not make you excited you should still come and see this great museum on 600 square meters! Geology is not only dust and rocks, this museum will tell you about Fossils, how petrol and Aspirin is made and how Tsunamis start. A nice little exhibit will take you back to the times of Dinosaurs and how we get to know them today. Never boring and with many "ahhhhh" moments this museum has been put together with love and is suitable for every visitor from novice to expert in geology!


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Explore the meaning of the geological timescale, learn about geohazards such as landslides, vulcano eruptions and earthquakes, see countless samples of different rocks and beautiful minerals.


See next windows for Museum details like entrance fee, opening times or how to get there and many more photos!


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