Siam Serpentarium

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The Siam Serpentarium

Snakes, some of us get excited and some of us are scared to death when they think about these elegant reptiles. Setup by the Siam Park Recreation Company, the Siam Serpentarium is another center for learning the fun way, today called "edutainment". It showcases dozends of snakes in all sizes and colors from all over Thailand and the entire world. You will go through the exhibition in small guided tours. Before getting to the real snakes you will learn about their life, their skin, how they move, how they reproduce and much more. Do you know why a rattle snake can make this characteristic sound? No? Well, you will find out in the Siam Serpentarium!


Siam Serpentarium Guided Tour Bangkokmuseums



Snake Planet, displays more than 50 species of snakes including the anaconda and the colorful ball python. Every new snake comes with detailed explanations. The many guides will be able to tell you anything you might want to know, and then some more. See the reptiles intheir natural surroundings, see how they blend in with rocks or plants. Outstanding species include the Madagascar Giant Hognose, yellow and dark brown, the Monocled Cobra, pale yellow with red eyes,  the Corn Snake, red, the Kingsnake and of course the Anaconda.


Snake at Siam Serpentarium,



There is a healthcare centre where interested visitors may observe snake eggs and newborn snakes. Learn what to do when bitten by a snake and even more important, learn what not to do! Right after you will be led to the third zone, called Naka Theatre. The theatre seats up to 400 persons and is hosting several shows over the day. The stage area is surrounded by glass panels for audience safety. You will be transported back in time as exotic Thai tales about mankind and snakes take your breath away, even more when snake experts playing bare-handed with the king cobra, kiss its head and melk them for venom!


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