"Stamps of the Fatherly King" Exhibition in the Grand Postal Building

With the words “His reign has ended, but his legacy continues,” from Thailand Post president Smorn Terdthampiboon Thailand Post brings you the exhibition "Stamps of the Fatherly King". The exhibition stretches through history starting with the Siam-series first produced in 1947 to what has been named as the "longest stamp in the world”, just recently issued in April 2017.

Most stamps are shown as original alongside with a enlarged version for your convenience. This way you will be able to see every detail! Videos and animated films about the King’s travels upcountry, during which he’d reach out to people in the most remote places, give the exhibition a fresh and modern look. In total there are five rooms each with their own theme.

The exhibition "Stamps of the Fatherly King" is running on the ground floor of the Bangkok General Post Office, Charoen Krung Road, Bang Rak district. It is open for public viewing Tuesday to Sunday, 9am- 7pm, entry is free. Visitors will receive a postcard featuring a King Bhumibol stamp as souvenir.



Opening Times:

continues through December 31, 2017
Tuesday to Sunday, 09:00-17:00, Monday's closed

Entrance Fee:

Free for all!







Bangkok Sculpture Centre

The Bangkok Sculpture Center has been established primarily to promote Thai art. The center is privately funded and is owned and managed by Mr.Sermkhun Kunawong. He and his family are also the owners of the fantastioc art pieces on display. The exhibition streches over 4,000 square meter and consits of remarkable sculptures from the Buddhist art period dated back to the 16th century and reaches throught the time to contemporary works of art which reflect the idea and point of view of both classic and contemporary artists. This collection consits of more than 200 art pieces. Notable masterpieces are works from Khien Yimsiri, Inson Wongsam, Chamruang Vichienket, Nonthivathn Chandhanaphalin and Manop Suwanpinta. Besides, the center also displays work of locally and internationally famous artists such as Kamol Tassananchalee, Thawan Duchanee, Chalermchai Kositpipat, Panya Vijinthanasarn, Chakrabhand Posayakrit, Khemarat Kongsuk and Vichai Sithirathn.


16 Bangkok Sculpture Centre Bangkokmuseums



The fantastic and mindblowing collection is made possible by the support of several Thai artists who help contribute to the project by donating or selling their valuable art pieces. "Bangkok Sculpture Center aspires to bring to the limelight the exquisite art and sculpture art of Thailand. The value and beauty of Thai art should be celebrated, not only among the people of our own nation, but also be known to people in every corner of the world as a symbol of our unique cultural identity. Thai art heritage reflects the identity of people of our nation which has been inherited through generations as invaluable civilization. All Thai people should cherish our art and cultural identity, preserve it and pass it on to the next generation." is the statement of Mr.Sermkhun Kunawong.


17 Bangkok Sculpture Centre Bangkokmuseums



Sculptures from different times are on display, each one unique and fascinating. Different materials, styles, intentions leave a lot of space for thoughts and imagination. For sure there is something for everybody in this larege and mindblowing collection. The museum is also lending its art pieces to outside exhibitions.


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Naval Museum

Welcome aboard! The Naval Museum is located just a few Kilometer down Sukhumvit Road after passing the Bangna Intersection in close proximity to the Erawan Museum. As the name already suggest, the Naval Museum is where you'll find an interesting collection of Navy exhibits inlcuding weapons and firearms that have been used in the Navy since the early Rattanakosin period. One of the Highlights welcomes you already right in front of the entrance: the H.T.M.S Machanu, Thailands first Submarine. Well, at least its tower with a mighty cannon.


02 Bangkokmuseums Naval Museum IMG 9288



Many exhibits including old weaponry, photos, models of ships and other naval accessories are on display. Of course a good collection of the famous Royal Barges cannot be missed. You can get up close and personal, even touching is no problem as long as they are not kept behind glass. Ever wanted to stick your head into the top of Thailands first Lighthouse? No problem, on you go and let your imagination travel as far as the light went out to sea! Torpedos, Cannons, Engines, all here waiting for you to discover them! Another highlight is for sure the fully assembled Sea Plane outside on the lawn. What a beauty!


16 Bangkokmuseums Naval Museum IMG 9303



It might not be the biggest mueseum but the exhibits are truely unique! All sailors and seamen, no matter of what age, will have a great time here. Explanations and everything else in the Museum is - unfortunately - in Thai only. But this shall not keep you from exploring the great hiostory of the Royal Thai Navy, its brave men and honorable battles! Ahoy, all hands on deck! And if you want even more Navy, why not sign up? The Royal Thai Navy Academy is just on the other side of the Street...


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Thai Film Museum

The Thai Film Museum has it's home in a replica of the hall of Thailands first film company "Sri Krung Talkie Film Company" in Bangkok's district Bang Kapi. The purpose of this state-owned institution is to preserve the rich history of Thai motion pictures which started in 1897 and continuous to bloom until today. On two floors the museum showcase a large number of exhibits starting from movie posters, photos, covering the technology side with plenty of projectors and cameras and of course props and costumes. The exhibition brilliantly combines the vintage ehibits with modern multimedia.


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It started as the Thai Film Archive before becoming the Thai Film Museum in 1990. At the same time the museum moved to its today's home in Nakhon Pathom just on the outskirts of Bangkok. The Sri Salaya Theater, which is right next to the museum, is screening movies almost very day. And with a little bit of luck you may also meet some Thai movie starts which every now and then find their way to the museum to leave their hand or footprints on the concrete pavement; a touch of Hollywood in Nakhon Pathom.

Beside the museum there are scenes to explore with a real coffee shop in one them. Sit down and enjoy a drink while watching the nice fountain or the other props, it's really a peaceful scenery. Don't forget to visit the small shooting scene in the pond cast in iron! And while there you will for sure also not miss the big steam engine with it's waggons housing even more cinema exhibits. Just walk in, that's what they are there for!


Thai Film Museum Camera Cart



The museum is on the outskirts of Bangkok, it's maybe a 45-60min trip out there. This trip seems a bit far for only the Thai Film Mueum, but close by are many other things to see such as the Thai Imagery Museum or the Jesada Technik Museum, both also unique and mega interesting!


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Thai Film Museum - Opening times, map & more


Opening Times:

Saturday, Sunday and Holidays three guided tours at 10.00, 13.00 and 15.00
Monday to Friday closed

Entrance Fee:

Entrance free


Hwy 3414, Tambon Salaya, Amphoe Phutthamonthon, Chang Wat Nakhon Pathom 73170
ที่ตั้ง๙๔ หมู่ ๓ ถนนพุทธมณฑล สาย ๕ พุทธมณฑล นครปฐม ๗๓๑๗๐


How to get there:

The Thai Film Museum is a bit out of the way, in the outskirts of Bangkok. The easiest way is to get there by car or taxi. An alternative is Air-con bus 515, it stops in front of the film archive.













The Suan Pakkad Palace represents the first time, where the Palace owners - in this case their Royal Highnesses Prince and Princess Chumbhot of Nagara Svarga - converted their royal home into a Museum. In 1952 the Suan Pakkad Palace Museum was born. The name of the 6 rai large piece of land means translated 'cabbage field', because this is pretty much what it used to be before, long time ago.


Suan Pakkad Palace Museum Bangkok Bangkokmuseums



The Museum consits of eight traditinal Thai houses which surround a well maintained tropical garden with serene ponds. Beside the breathtaking architecture of these traditional Thai houses, they are all loaded with ancient artifacts, antiques, rare stones, old traditional music instruments and much, much more. In the south of the Garden, next to the marvelous Lacquer Pavilion which dates back to the Ayuthaya period, is even a Royal Barge manufactured in the 19th century on display. The royal barge is the traditional boat for a member of the Royal Family. The one shown at Suan Pakkad Palace has been used by Prince Paribatra during King Rama V's royal processions.


SUan Pakkad Palace Museum Bangkok Bangkokmuseums



This overlooked treasure is worth visiting for many reasons. Be it because you want to learn more about original Thai architecture or to see the many exhibits about various topics from many different time periods. Or maybe just to escape the City jungle for a moment and retreat into this quiet and beautiful oasis that is called Suan Pakkad Palace Museum.


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Human Imagery Museum

The idea for this museum came Artist Duangkaew Phityakornsilp, when he saw one of his guests in his home pick up and bite a wax apple. But creating the figures as we can see them today posed a number of challenges. Thailand's hot climate fobids the use of ordinary wax as the main material for the figures. A group of artists worked hard and came up with fiberglass to bring life to the figures - sculpted starting with the skin texture and complexion with life-like blemishes up to the implantation of indivedual hair strands. Most interesting also the eyes with their perpetual look. The Museum was opened on June 14th, 1989 by His Holiness the Supreme Patriarch of Thailand, Somdeeh Phra Yanasangvara.


Bangkokmuseums Human Imagery Museum Hallo Of Kings



The museum spreads over two floors. On the ground floor you will find various famous Monks placed in beautiful settings as well as the Hall of Kings. Although it is only figures you can still feel a touch of royal nobility while looking at this collection of eight former Monarchs of the Chakri Dynasty in their most impressive setup. The second floor continuous to amaze you with more scenes of Thai life and history as well as figures of western celebrities such as Ghandi, Lincoln or Churchill. You will get goosebumps by watching the setup of King Rama V and the abolition of slavery. The Thai Human Imagery Museum will amaze you with its countless realistic figures.


Bangkokmuseums Human Imagery Museum Lincoln



The Human Imagery Museum wants to achieve three main targets, which are to promote the awareness of Thai culture including its arts and traditions, to support the study and subsequently development of sculptures in Thailand and to help Thai students become more aware of Thai history in the comfort of an appealing surrounding. It is a fantastic exhibition to visit for both Thai as well as foreign visitors.


Bangkokmuseums Human Imagery Museum Kids Games




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